More from Frank’s Service Diary


It was great to see Frank and Lauretta this morning. We sort of chatted about random stuff and I think most of the talking we did was about travel.

Click on the link below to listen to Lauretta


Cody, Lindsay, Kyle and I went to visit Frank and Laurette this morning on VETERAN’S DAY! We shared some yummy doughnuts and talked about Frank’s time in the service. On today’s recording you will here a couple of letters from Frank to Lauretta and then one from Lauretta to Frank. It was a special morning we won’t soon forget.


I forgot to post this recording on Friday! Due to the leaf blower outside and a visitor, this recording it pretty short. Lauretta reads some of the letters Frank sent her during his time in the service.



Here's a little more out of Frank's Service Diary. Next week Lauretta wants to read some of the letters she wrote to Frank while he was in the service. 

Frank was pretty silent and intent on watching the leaves fall outside of his window while we recorded today. You won't hear him on the recording, but he seemed to be listening as Lauretta read. 


Today we had a shorter session, but still worthwhile. Frank was pretty sleepy, so you won’t hear him on the recording.

Lauretta read more out of Frank’s service diary from World War II.

Happy Sabbath – Enjoy!


Lauretta read from Frank’s Service Diary about his time in the South Pacific. Frank was very alert while Lauretta was reading. I could tell the pictures and memories were still very alive for him.

More reading to come next week. Click on the link below to listen. Enjoy!

Today we talked a little bit about Frank’s brother, Art and Lauretta’s brother, Harry.

Listen to Lauretta talk about the couple years after marriage, before kids, and then the beginning of motherhood.

Listen to Frank and Lauretta recall memories of the King side of the family.